A product is an objective substance, and the appearance design is an external means of expressing this substance. It is an activity to satisfy people’s psychological, physical and social life, and it is a process from 0 to 1. Up next, ZL design would like to share the elements of Product Design


1. Form
All objects comes with a shapes with boundary contours. Form is an important way of expressing the appearance of a product, which brings intuitive visual impact to the users. The form of the product should be as simple as possible, then summarize and refine, in order to facilitate processing and save costs.

2. Color
Color is the soul of the product, it plays the role of sublimation and embellishment. The appearance of the product depends largely on the color. Color is mainly divided into three parts: hue, purity, and lightness. Generally speaking, the colors of products will not use colors with too high or low purity, except for children’s products.

3. Material
Material is related to user experience, product texture, etc. Different products uses different materials, but the topic of environmental protection does not change. Use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible.

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