According to data, there are currently more than 30 million people using air purifiers in my country. Although the penetration rate of air purifiers is not as fast as in ordinary households, it is indeed a high-quality home appliance that starts from health earlier. Therefore, many people are in the haze season. Air purifiers are used during the season and formaldehyde season. The existence of air purifiers is also a very effective guarantee for health.

However, due to insufficient knowledge of air purifiers, many people will have misunderstandings when using air purifiers. Today, the editor briefly summarizes common misunderstandings in the use of air purifiers, and avoiding these misunderstandings can the purification effect of products be maximized.

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1. Place against the wall

The principle of the air purifier mainly adopts the principle of driving the fan by clicking to effectively purify the polluted environment in the room, and then returning the clean air to the indoor ambient air to achieve the effect of circulating purification. At present, the air inlet of most products is set on the side of the product. If it is placed too close to the wall, it will not only affect the air intake of the product, but also affect the product’s rapid air supply to the room, which will reduce the purification speed of the product and affect the air volume. Most of the products in the front are marked more than 20cm away from the wall, and this method should be strictly followed when using it.

2. Do not replace and clean the filter for a long time

The filter of the air purifier needs to be replaced regularly. If the filter is not replaced for a long time, it will easily cause the filter to accumulate too much dust, which will cause the dust to be released into the air again, leading to secondary pollution. At present, many products have a filter prompt function, which can be replaced or cleaned according to the filter, and the purification effect of the product will be very good.

3. Turn on the air purifier all day long

Turning on the air purifier all day will affect the service life of the product filter and increase the cost of the product. Generally speaking, it is better to open the air purifier for 3-4 hours, because many products can complete the purification of the product multiple times in one hour, so the indoor pollutants can be effectively purified by 3-4 hours, and there is no need to open it for a long time.

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