In the process of making products, you will encounter various such key links. It is necessary to grasp the various elements of the system with triggering capabilities at different stages, and use these elements to design and iterate products. Shenzhen Shape Design Company disassembled the Product Design process into 7 key steps: demand analysis, user research, product positioning, prototyping, version iteration, data analysis, and product growth. These elements are interrelated and interact with each other, and finally promote the product. The ball rolls bigger and bigger, and continues to grow positively.

Such as product design demand analysis:

1. Distinguish between product needs and user needs. The essential needs of users are higher than the solution (product needs) and the surface needs of users.

2. Grab the most painful pain points and do it first.

3. Look at the demand from the life cycle of the product.

The most important thing for a product manufacturer to design a new product is to know where the value of the product is? The value of the product is that it can solve a real problem for the target user. Shenzhen Shape Design Company is making a new product plan. Time must be able to solve problems. Our products are born for problems, and the product R&D team and product design team are also born for solving problems.

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