Since 2015, the Golden Pin Design Award has held the event “Design View X Golden Dot Design Award”. Every year, “Design View X Golden Dot Salon” will provide a platform for designers to share design concepts, share experiences, and exchange discussions.

Although there are still many challenges this year, the Shenzhen special “Design View X Golden Point Salon” also continued the online live broadcast mode of last year, but no matter how difficult it is, it can’t stop the active participation of small partners and are full of enthusiasm for design. On May 13, we met in the live broadcast room and started this design exploration journey.

Communication and collision generate multiple viewpoints, and active exploration leads to design thinking. Let’s take a look back at yesterday’s highlights.

This salon has invited four guests: Hei Yiyang, founder and creative director of “SenseTeam”, Lu Chuande, general manager of “Guangdong Shunde Mishell Industrial Design Co., Ltd.”, and Liu Chuande, general manager of “Shenzhen Zillion Technology Co., Ltd.” Feng, Lee Hyun Hong, general manager of “TCL Industrial Design Innovation Center”. They will share their stories, cases and ideas with the audience, focusing on their company’s brand products, design concepts, innovative designs and the latest design trends.


Vice President Lin Xinbao delivers a speech


Vice President of Taiwan Design Institute | Lin Xinbao

At the beginning, Vice President Lin Xinbao expressed his welcome and gratitude to the audience and friends who participated in this online salon.
He said that in the past two years due to the epidemic, we were unable to attend the salon on-site, but the Internet age has allowed us to have no distance. Through video chat, we can still share and communicate with each other.

The Golden Pin Design Award is the top design award in the global Chinese market since 2014. It has always hoped to bring outstanding Chinese works and designers to the international stage. There are many top design companies and works in mainland China, and it is an indispensable and important partner of the Golden Pin Design Award to promote Chinese design.

Over the years, many excellent design works from the mainland have added a lot of design energy to the Golden Pin Design Award, which can effectively promote the exchange and friendly interaction between cross-strait design. In view of this, since 2015, the Golden Pin Design Award has started to hold salons, which have been held in dozens of regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, etc., and even visited international Chinese areas, including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, etc. more than 20 There are more than 30 salon events in important cities in Asia, and a total of 80 speakers share their design concepts to the public, and discuss design ideas and trends together.

This year, Golden Point Salon came to Shenzhen again. Here, Vice President Lin Xinbao especially thanked the co-organizer of this salon event, Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association and the president of Ms. Feng Changhong for their strong support.

After introducing the speakers in turn, he said that he believed that the experience sharing and insights on design of the four speakers today could bring you different perspectives and ideas. Finally, Vice President Lin Xinbao once again expressed his gratitude to the four speakers and everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this salon online. He also hoped that the global epidemic would slow down and come to Shenzhen to meet you again. I wish you all the best The guests can have a fulfilling and enjoyable afternoon.

Lu Chuande: Exploring the Innovative Home Appliances of Generation Z

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Guangdong Shunde Mishell Industrial Design Co., Ltd. | General Manager

First, Mr. Lu Chuande introduced “Rice Shell Design” to the audience. In 2014, Miko Design was established in Shunde, Guangdong, located in Guangdong Industrial Design City, the largest industrial design base in China. They have rich design experience and advanced design concepts. Based on the idea of “people are changing, industrial design is also changing all the time”, they follow the balance of the relationship between people and things in industrial design, and strive to make products between the environment and users. present the best condition.

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They have always been adhering to the belief of service quality first, focusing on user experience, focusing on providing customers with a full range of strategic consulting and design services, covering industrial design, brand design, product structure design and visual effect design. The project focuses on smart home, household appliances, beauty and personal care, smart equipment, medical equipment, cultural products and other fields. Their philosophy is: “Do One Thing – Stay Great”.

What is Rice Shell Design doing? Focusing on user research, we focus on creating innovative products under the consumption wave of the younger generation Z. What are the characteristics of Gen Z consumers? Affected by the epidemic, they believe that the lifestyle of Generation Z consumers may be more inclined to stay at home, and also have the characteristics of enjoyment and freedom.
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Under the wave of the Internet, Xiaoxiong, including Xiaomi, has gradually entered the market of small household appliances, which has also made the price competition of small household appliances increasingly fierce. How to face the competition in the post-epidemic era and how to find new opportunities and growth points in the home appliance market, Mr. Lu Chuande believes that we should find breakthroughs in three aspects: new functions, new scenarios, and new experiences.

Then, Mr. Lu Chuande showed the audience several excellent design products of his team. The first is the Modong Western Kitchen Machine, which won the Golden Pin Design Award 2021 Best Product Design Award. This Western Kitchen Machine can satisfy both Chinese and Western cooking methods.
640 (3)

The trick-or-treating set leads the trend of serialization of small household appliances. With the design concept of returning to the original heart – innocence, it conveys an emotional experience full of warmth, affinity and fun. Taking love as the starting point, it creates a warm and happy atmosphere and makes the kitchen full of happy fireworks. .

640 (4)The hand-held sterilizing sprayer has won many awards such as the Golden Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award. It is a real “black technology for disinfection”.

640 (5)The crystallization of tradition and modernity – Superior Stew Pot Series, this traditional Chinese stew pot is specially designed for young families, it follows the concept of combining the appreciation of cultural heritage with the convenience of home.

640 (6)Liu Feng: The purpose of design is to create value

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Shenzhen Zillion Technology Co., Ltd. | General Manager

Mr. Liu Feng straight to the point asked the audience two questions: Have you ever encountered my product is very good, but the sales have not been up? In addition, do you want to know, how to increase sales through innovative design?

As a representative of the latest generation of practical application designers in China, Mr. Liu Feng has a very creative thinking and an overall view of enterprise operations, and is proficient in the practical application of product development, product strategy, brand communication, product design, circuit development, and software design. , and the theme of his speech is: the purpose of design is to create value.

Let us follow Mr. Liu Feng’s remarks and discuss these two issues together through the cases he shared.
640 (8)Zunlian Design, where Mr. Liu Feng works, was established in 2012 and is affiliated to Shenzhen Zillion Technology Co., Ltd. It has rapidly grown into one of the top 100 R&D and innovation institutions in China in just a few years, and has won more than 10 design awards at home and abroad.

640 (9)

Mr. Liu Feng introduced to everyone in the live broadcast: Zillion Design is a one-stop industrial design solution provider. [Creating Supreme Heart Interconnection] is the eternal brand declaration of Zillion, creating supreme design, respecting the continuous needs of customers, and giving full play to the maximum value of innovation; with the help of the Internet, more cooperation with customers and partners , colleagues [connect] with each other, form an ecological growth system, extend the innovation core competitiveness of Zillion from the two dimensions of [respect] and [link], create Zillion’s own innovation ecology and integrate it into the manufacturing industry, so as to help manufacturing The industry realizes resource innovation and industrial ecological upgrading.

Then, Mr. Liu Feng showed the audience the outstanding cases of his team, first of all, the world’s fastest SSD&6 IN-1 USB-C hub, which has won the Golden Dot Design Award.
640 (10)The smart wireless doorbell, designed 7 years ago, is far ahead of its peers in sales, achieving the third place in Amazon’s category and a total sales volume of 5 billion+ RMB per product.

640 (12)The design and development are successful, and the popular fascia guns in Europe, America and Asia are popular.640 (13)5G optical fiber detection pen, the top three sales of similar products on, 20W+ evaluation 99% positive rate.

640 (14)There are also the most innovative robot Dasheng Magic Brain, Kapper’s fifth-generation intelligent electrostatic equipment – desktop ion wind, machine, road offset LDWS night vision NVS, Huawei mobile terminals, etc.

640 (15)Black Yiyang: Sensory Body

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SenseTeam Sensory Body | Founder, Creative Director

Mr. Hei Yiyang first explained the word “sensory body”. SenseTeam is an innovative content dissemination company. It consists of a collection of different business forms. It has four labels: Shanheshui, Thinking Beauty, Just Right, and Xilang, which correspond to creative hot stores, art experiments, product IP, and life content experience. Four related labels insist on exporting interesting, meaningful and rewarding works to the market.

640 (17)Mr. Hei Yiyang believes that the “sense” in the word “sensory body” refers to human’s feeling of nature, and the five different senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste will bring different feelings, thus affecting our perceptions and judgments. “View” is “opinion”, which is the second stage of perceiving nature, then outputting value, generating opinions, and producing influence. The “body” refers to the “system”, which represents a way of working or a working method, which unifies one’s own viewpoints according to one’s own working method. All of the above are combined and called the most basic model of the “sensory body”.

640 (18)Next, Mr. Hei Yiyang explained his design views and working methods to the public in detail through five different categories of cases: branding, promotion, video, space, and curation.

First of all, Mr. Hei Yiyang showed the brand design case “Shenzhen Fashion Week” to everyone.
They first helped Shenzhen Fashion Week to design a unique model font, because the main carrier of fashion week is the catwalk. Through the design of fonts, the brand’s unique brand visual image is established. The logo is a fixed form, and it adopts a dynamic way, which can give fashion week a new expression.

640 (6)
Next, Mr. Hei Yiyang showed you their promotion case “Dynamic Landscape”.
For this high-performance off-road vehicle, first of all, they collected all the engine data of the car to form an electronic file, which was converted into a dynamic sculpture with the electronic file and turned into a device on site. This dynamic sculpture not only includes some landforms that the car has been to, but also includes the data of the engine. Through this promotion, users can re-understand the unique experience brought by the different performance of the car.
640 (3)

The current marketing is not just about conventional design or content. Mr. Hei Yiyang hopes to use some special methods to communicate with the public. The third category is the curatorial case “Vanke Public Art Season”.

640 (19)

The Vanke Public Season is a hybrid curation, completed by different activities, and corresponding exhibitions will be launched according to the type of each activity. The Vanke Public Season covers new media art exhibition, urban architecture exhibition, crowd exhibition, sound exhibition, video exhibition and red envelope exhibition.

The new media art exhibition is a topia between ideal and reality. It uses new media to describe the different states of urban life, and then settles these exhibitions in Vanke’s projects. Through curatorial methods and interesting contemporary art content, Let everyone understand the relationship between city life, art and life. The Urban Architecture Exhibition is an exhibition about the architecture of urban villages in Shenzhen formed by the research and analysis of urban villages by SenseTeam and Urban Practice Architecture. This exhibition also represents Vanke’s research on Shenzhen’s urban architecture. Brands can also be co-branded through curation. The crowd exhibition is the curatorial content produced by the research on urban crowds conducted by Vanke and Naixue, and this content will also be derived into the brand to interact and spread with the brand. , so that brands can better understand the lifestyle that young people need. The Sound Exhibition is co-branded by Vanke and Mobike, inviting sound artists to collect the city’s sounds together, completing a curatorial content output and generating more awareness of people’s lifestyles. The video exhibition allows the public to understand a state of people in the city through the filming of Xiao Quan’s documentary. The Red Envelope Exhibition invites Shenzhen-based graphic designers to collaborate on the design of urban red envelopes “gifts from Shenzhen.”

This hybrid curatorial approach builds a bridge between the city and people, merging and influencing each other.
640 (7)

Coming to the fourth field – the space case “Dawan Tide”, Mr. Hei Yiyang’s team used cultural and artistic methods to implant the space in the space design. They designed the temporary space in the exhibition parking lot as a block so that everyone could have an immersive experience so they could get a feel for the atmosphere of the block.

The fifth category is the video case “latent love”. Mr. Hei Yiyang used a documentary method to photograph the relationship between people and the ocean in the city.

640 (5)

Five different projects represent five different branches of the “sensory body”, and these different categories of work constitute the creative world that the “sensory body” wants to express. Mr. Hei Yiyang hopes to use three words to run through “truth, society and interaction”. The first consideration is reality, and all creations come from real moving. The creative elements are extracted from the real world and turned into a work to feed back to the world. Mr. Hei Yiyang also believes that the works must have a good promotion to the society. Because design and creativity are not only people’s expressions, but also a good impetus to the progress of human beings. The third point of interaction is that the current creativity is interactive. Only through the communication between people and the world can the communication between people and the world have more positive effects.

Li Xuanhong: Visualization of Design Language

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TCL Industrial Design Innovation Center | General Manager

Regarding the visualization of design language, the theme of this speech, Mr. Li Xuanhong explained to us that design language is a design concept, a theoretical basis for design, and a gradually formed work culture. The sense of ritual presented by different products in a unified visualization.

640 (20)

In January 2020, in order to promote the integration of all categories, improve the consistency of TCL brand and product market awareness, and provide users with better overall solutions for smart life, the company has approved the relevant procedures: in TCL smart terminal business SDBG (Smart Device Business Group) established the Design Innovation Center DIC (Design Innovation Center).

The design and integration of various types of intelligent products involves many and complex tasks, and the design units of each business unit have different capabilities. It is necessary to formulate a [set of unified design language plans” to unify all internal Cross-departmental units’ understanding of design and design direction, and gradually realize the improvement of design capabilities and further achieve overall business success.
640 (21)

HORIZON’s design language was inspired by a trip to the Shangri-La Hotel, a book titled “Lost Horizon”. The HORIZON design language takes the design identification DI (Design Identity) as the progress number and the first year as the time target. It has made a five-year three-stage design language plan for the improvement of the company’s overall design capabilities. Mr. Li Xuanhong shared with you the first Stage, to achieve visual unity of product appearance: Horizon Design Language.

640 (22)

The first thing to do is to connect the HORIZON design language with the TCL brand, resulting in the core connotation of HORIZON: connection and integration, and integrating the elements of technology and humanities into the design. Integrate art and nature, past and future, modernity and classics, users’ needs and emotions. Connect users and brands, technology and humanity, intelligence and emotion, and create warm technology.

640 (23)

Then negotiate with the product planning team, select target users and a series of projects, and design a design that meets user needs and formulate reasonable product functions according to user needs and product price segments.

640 (24)

Extracted from the concept of horizon: the [horizontal line” symbolizing the horizon and the [ring” symbolizing the sunrise and sunset are the basic elements of lighting unity. The horizontal line represents technology, reflecting and echoing the ambient light function of the main function of the hardware. The circle represents humanities, reflects and echoes the pleasant experience of the software interface, and expresses the functional status of the product interface dynamically and vividly.

640 (25)

When the product design is completed, the Horizon design language is applied to all system and application icons, platform fonts and focus color rules, button & card specifications, Mini smart screen interface, integrated stove interface, refrigerator smart screen interface, TCL The official App interface, packaging design, and a set of TCL-Cyber font design unify the name design of each division at international exhibitions.

640 (26)
640 (9)

Then further implement the design language of the main visual communication design, product advertising design, international exhibition design, online and offline product poster design and other related advertising materials when the product is launched, showing the visual tone of the entire TCL brand C series product line. Sexual design pulls through.

After the full sharing of the dry goods of the four guests, the audience and friends in the live broadcast room put forward their own questions to several guests based on their own problems in the design field. Let us also see how the guests are doing. The answer may help you too.
Q: I would like to ask Mr. Liu from Zillion Technology: The products you designed for customers a few years ago are still in the top 3 sales on Amazon. I would like to ask Mr. Liu currently cooperating with customers on new products, will they create explosive products together with customers? Now that Amazon’s e-commerce platform is not good at being Mr. Liu’s point of view, do you have any good suggestions?

A: While designing products, we must first understand the rules and market positioning of the platform, and find out where the product differentiation is based on the needs of different groups of people, so as to make differential adjustments, and then do in-depth design.

Q: I would like to ask Mr. Lu, in the post-epidemic era, in the face of the need for more diversified home cooking, for different customers, when designing home appliance projects, how to develop new products, new functions and new usage scenarios, how to combine the appearance of products and technology, what new reforms do you think the advancement of technology will bring to kitchen life in the future?

A: We know that it is actually a very difficult thing to achieve technological breakthroughs in the field of kitchen appliances. Therefore, I suggest looking for new functions, new scenarios, and new experiences. At the same time, we need to consider how to make the current popular Some of the technology-related elements are better integrated with the design of our products.

Q: I would like to ask Mr. Li: You shared the inspiration from a book and named the evolution process of DIC design language “horizon”. I would like to ask how we as designers consciously improve the capture of daily inspiration and apply it to design projects? ?

A: Because I usually have a small notebook. When I have some ideas, I will record them. I will also collect some interesting things anytime and anywhere. There are actually many different elements in life. In fact, there are ways to extract inspiration from life. This may require more imagination to make an association between the relationship between the things in front of you and the product. From this process, you can continue to train you on how to take the first step of design. step.

Q: Mr. Hei shared a lot of excellent cases about text font design. As an important communication medium, how can we better link a wider range of brand, business and social values from a cultural symbol?

A: We know that brands need a strong brand identity, and the core of brand identity comes from the refinement of brand spirit. Brand communication is actually a kind of text information communication. Like the most direct brand name, using text to design the core graphics of the brand spirit is the most direct and effective way. Text or graphics are actually the form of information. Through design, we graft the aesthetics of life into the information, so that the information is full of personality, and the brand has a unique value proposition, so that the information can generate better social value.

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