Concept Design and Industrial Design

Concept Design and Industrial Design

Concept design mainly refers to the process of finding a reasonable design solution after understanding the purpose of the task and looking for a suitable principle of action through a series of broad functional structures, which is called concept design. Product concept design in industrial design refers to the process of stopping the analysis and integration from time to time from product gap to model building and stopping the creative evaluation of the model. Generally, industrial design on the one hand contains a lot of numerical calculation tasks, such as calculation and analysis, drawing, filling in tables, etc. On the other hand is the conceptual design work, which is mainly to develop detailed Product Design solutions. Conceptual design runs through all aspects of product design, from market gaps to the ambiguity of product positioning to structural and functional design.

Industrial Design

Product concept design in industrial design is not an innovation or improvement for a particular product. It aims to bring new lifestyles and needs to consumers, absorb more new elements and make industrial products closer to people’s daily life.
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