When it comes to Industrial Design, many people say it is an impersonal discipline.It looks very cold, has a sense of distance, sometimes even as irrelevant, but in fact it should be the major most closely related to human beings.It is closely related to human life, and all aspects of our life are related to industrial design.
Industry, roughly, is a manufacturing process that, in ancient times, weaving, modern steelmaking, ironmaking, modern mobile phones, and automobile manufacturing, all belong to industry.Industry has changed people’s lives, from hand-weaving to mechanical production, from carriages to trains, cars, ships, planes, and so on.From the shade of the hot summer days to the air conditioning in the house.These are changes from industry, more jobs and jobs for surplus labor; when they get paid, consumption promotes the flow of goods and the economy; the use of cement smooth the road, the invention of cars greatly improves traffic efficiency and communication.People’s living standards have been improved, which is much more convenient and faster than before.

Design is an independent art subject, involving psychology, sociology, aesthetics, ergonomics, mechanical structure, photography, color science, etc.It is a very comprehensive discipline, and the aesthetic standard of design changes with these many factors.Compared with the traditional art category, each design type will have certain differences between its research content and service objects, which can also be clearly reflected in painting and decoration.Industrial design brought about by industrial development and division of labor is obviously different from other art, production activities and process production.It is the product of the intersection of various disciplines, technologies and aesthetic concepts.Design acts as a bridge between what is and what may be.There are many problems in industrial production, and solving these problems need to be done by design.Therefore, the role of the industrial design is to solve and optimize the problems related to the industry.


It is precisely because of this importance and necessity that industrial design has always been one of the most valuable disciplines at home and abroad, and it is also one of the most rigorous and “scientific” disciplines of all art and design majors.To put it bluntly, the subject is being used to solve the problems in people’s lives.Through the study of human behavior habits, as needed, and then find the best solution to achieve a convenient life and accelerate the effect of production.Industrial design is completely different from other design disciplines, art forms, and craft making.It is the result of industrial development and division of labor, and is the product of the cross-influence of various disciplines, technology and aesthetic concepts.It requires designers to be rigorous, scientifically innovative, unlike other majors, which can combine the imagination of designers more.
Industrial design is often directly referred to as Product Design, in fact, this is not entirely accurate, as industrial design theory should refer to the use of all modern production and service design processes.However, product design refers more to the design of a range of products needed for survival and development, and there is still a certain gap between the two.
In fact, the definition of industrial design has been constantly changing, from the original simple product design to the current industrial design is not limited to simple design, it also began to pay more attention to user experience, system improvement

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