In Product Design, consumers are more inclined to pay attention to the appearance design of products. Good product design can make the product have distinctive features and bring obvious market competitive advantage to the product. Faced with many similar products, it is very important to accurately locate the product design style. For designers, it is especially important to accurately position the product style in the product design.

Usually, product design is designed according to two conditions, one is the public’s aesthetics and acceptance, and the other is the company’s product features and fashion elements. When we start contacting customers, we often hear the description: “business, fashion, simplicity, tech-sense”, then do some market research, come up with some solutions, determine how the product will look and style. Feasibility, followed by positioning style of product design.

By talking to your customers, you can determine what styles the customers like and what the public likes. How to shape the adjective image in the customer’s mouth depends on the daily understanding of the industrial designer and the accumulation of design experience. The core of product design is also the function of the product. The function and appearance of product design also need reasonable structural design to make the designed product style more vivid.

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For example, the minimalist style of product design. Simple does not mean simple, but requires industrial designers to find the most suitable balance of changes. For products with a strong sense of fashion, it is best to control the overall color in one color system, and the shape should be as simple and smooth as possible. This is a style that is used more in product design. Most product designs do not have special requirements for appearance by customers. Next, general industrial product designers will use this style to draw, communicate with customers, and finally determine the design style.

Product design must not only meet the aesthetic requirements of the public, but also guide the development and changes of the public’s aesthetics, and also make individual adjustments according to the size and characteristics of the product. At the same time, product design must also conform to the characteristics of aesthetic principles and functional coordination principles, which are both beautiful and durable, fashionable and classic. When choosing a product design style, designers need to consider all aspects in order to provide customers with the right design plan.

Good product design can increase product sales, and even the generation and development of a brand, in which product design plays an extremely important role. Enterprises must continue to design and develop new products, and also need to have unique design innovation concepts in order to maintain an unbeaten position in the market.

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