As the living standard of Chinese people improves, people have a higher level of pursuit of life taste. The image of simple and simple household appliances in the past has been gradually abandoned by the market. Fashion, quality and individuality have become indispensable and important labels in life. When household appliances are given an unconventional design, this design will inevitably lead the fashion and become a classic. Therefore, the innovation of the appearance design of household appliances is a new creative concept at present. So, how is the appearance design of household appliances innovative? Let’s take a look.

1. Morphological reconstruction

Shape reconstruction mainly refers to the reconstruction of product shape design. The traditional form of household appliances is a square with sharp edges and corners, single, rigid, regular, and lacks humanity and artistry. Modern home appliances have begun to transcend the definition of home appliances in the impression, and interpret the new meaning of home appliances in a more diverse form. When serious straight lines turn into beautiful soft curves, when bionic images also appear on cold and hard appliances, products are brought to life with new vitality.

2. Color reconstruction

In Product Design, color, as an important visual element, has a great influence on the aesthetic psychology of consumers. The value created by color design is both material and spiritual. The creative design of color makes the information transmission full of emotion, more efficient, more accurate and more artistic.

Appearance Design Of High Quality Warm Air Blower

3. Schema Refactoring
Designing patterns on the front of a product is the best way to create personalized and artistic appliances. Excellent pattern culture has been gradually introduced into design, and has been further extended and developed, mainly because pattern art can improve the added value of design.

4. Texture reconstruction

Different materials have different texture aesthetics. Different beauty will bring different visual and tactile feelings and different emotional experiences to consumers. The material selection in modern product design should not only consider whether the material’s physical and chemical properties and processing performance can meet the needs of use, but also consider the emotional relationship between product materials and people. By choosing pleasing materials, we can increase the perceived composition of a product, enhancing intimacy and interactivity between the product and people.

For contemporary young people, home appliances are not only the convenience of life, but home appliance consumption has become a typical consumption concept. Price is no longer the deciding factor in home appliance purchases. When the design of household appliances breaks the traditional design in terms of form, color, pattern and texture, it will inevitably attract the attention of consumers, and it will be one step closer to consumers’ purchase of products. Designers should be committed to combining traditional design concepts with modern design concepts to achieve more and more practical breakthroughs in the appearance design of household appliances.

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