1. Simple and beautiful appearance design

People say that impression is very important. The simple and beautiful appearance determines whether the product has the desire to be purchased by customers. From the user’s point of view, consider the aesthetic trends of the user group, optimize and innovate in terms of shape, color, material, and craftsmanship, and conquer the discerning users in details.

2. Good grip

Handheld terminal, as the name suggests, must be comfortable to hold when used by hand for a long time. Therefore, the styling design should be ergonomic, thin and portable, easy to handle by hand, and through detailed humanized design and intuitive interactive interface design, the reliability, simplicity and comfort of hand-held operation should be improved.

3. Communication stability

The communication stability of the handheld terminal is manifested in two aspects. First, the communication module should be selected with good stability. Second, the antenna design and structural design of the handheld terminal must be closely matched to ensure better performance of the antenna release. In addition, handheld terminals need to be tested repeatedly in a specific environment, and continuously improved to ensure the stability of communication performance.

Four, meet the requirements of industrial protection level

Generally, the working environment of the handheld terminal is relatively harsh. If the industrial protection level of the handheld terminal is not enough, it is easy to enter water and dust. In the long run, the internal electronic components are easily damaged and the service life is greatly shortened. . Hand-held terminal design should consider the product’s use environment factors, and carry out the necessary industrial three-proof design to make the product protection level meet industry standards, such as handheld terminal industrial protection level IP54, IP65, etc., to improve the product`s environmental adaptability and reliability. Meet the industrial use environment requirements of the product.

Five, fall resistance

Shenzhen Appearance Design Co., Ltd. answered that the drop resistance of the handheld terminal is particularly important, not only to ensure the normal operation of the work, but also to extend the service life of the handheld terminal as much as possible. In the design of handheld terminals, it is necessary to ensure the drop resistance of each component and the product. For example, a silicone protective layer should be added around the handheld terminal, and an all-magnesium alloy bracket is used inside to protect the motherboard and LCD. Only the details can ensure the product’s durability and drop resistance, so as to achieve all-round protection.

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