In the current market, no matter all walks of life, no matter how large or small companies are, there will be medical Product Design. It can be said that medical product design has become the most basic means of publicity for the public. Of course, medical companies are no exception. For medical companies, the design of medical products is more important. Only when the design is done well and the product is done well, can it attract attention and customers will pay for it. So, how should medical product design be designed?

According to the survey, personalization and human emotional design are a major trend in the development of modern medical care. Because of the particularity of medical products, it is determined that the appearance design needs to pay special attention to the injection of product emotion. If the element of love is incorporated into the design, the product will have affinity and will no longer be cold. Design with love and warmth is the goal pursued by medical products.

First of all, when designing medical products, it is necessary to know who the audience of the product is. The quality of the appearance design has a great psychological impact on medical staff and patients. Wrong designs such as sharp appearance and complex shapes will increase the number of medical staff and patients. The patient’s psychological anxiety and fear. The rounded and elegant curved shape can make the product more friendly and bring a sense of security to the psychology of medical staff and patients.

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Secondly, the appearance design of medical products should also pay attention to the correct use of colors. Color selection and matching are very important elements of medical product design. Affinity and soft colors can eliminate the psychological rejection of medical products by patients, and they are more willing to accept treatment. It is necessary to achieve specific positioning, what kind of copy should be displayed in front of customers, whether professional medical industry terms can be understood, and the systematic application of color and product design, and mutual coordination can play a positive role in design on products.
In addition, the simple and elegant appearance design of medical products should be integrated with the use environment and use scene, and the integration of product appearance and scene can also relieve the psychological pressure of medical staff and patients. The working state of medical staff is very tense. In order to avoid medical errors, the appearance design of medical products should give people a friendly feeling and five rejection psychology. At the same time, the most marketing information should be put on the cover to stimulate the happy work enthusiasm of medical staff. .

In addition, the complexity of medical product design lies in the need to comprehensively consider various factors such as shape, material, color, ergonomics, operation interface, etc., starting from the needs of medical staff and patients, paying attention to their psychological feelings, and providing medical staff and patients. Establish a trust between them, improve the service experience of medical staff, and also allow patients to face the disease with a happy mood, and face treatment, a good psychological experience can also allow patients to recover quickly.

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