The morphological view of Product Design is the world view of how the designer creates and expresses the design intention. The morphological view of the industrial designer determines the attitude and method of the designer when designing, which directly affects the appearance quality of the product. Excellent industrial designers are not born, they need hard work and conscious and correct training to grow up. So, how to create a reasonable form in Industrial Design? Let’s take a look.

One: Designers should be the forerunners of life and understand the true meaning of life

Industrial design should be user-centric, provide solutions for the communication between people and technology, and allow rational technology to gain a perceptual expression. And this is based on the designer’s in-depth understanding of life, derived from life experience and deep insight into things. Therefore, designers should be the forerunners of life.

All kinds of information transmitted by books, movies, pictures, TV, and the Internet are quietly changing the whole world. When we watch a movie, a ball game, listen to music or walk lightly, we may gain experience. These experiences inspire creativity. As an industrial designer, the most important thing is to understand and sublimate these experiences, and endow the product with humanistic care with sensibility.

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2: Inheriting traditional culture and at the same time re-innovating to create a new cultural mainstream

Culture is the core of industrial design. Industrial design is the image portrayal of its national culture. Industrial design not only reflects the national culture, but also creates a new culture. The various design styles that appeared in the history of design were all born under the nascent culture brought about by the development of science and technology. For example, the design of the Renaissance was influenced by the Renaissance movement, opposed to the stereotyped style of the Middle Ages, and pursued humane curves and beautiful layers.

Three: Designers should have an open design concept and integrate different cultures

The progress of science and technology has accelerated the development and communication of culture. The collision and integration of different cultures requires designers to have an open design concept. In the process of confrontation, exchange and integration between our nation’s original way of life and foreign culture and way of life, industrial designers should modernize by absorbing and learning from them, and finally form a new product form and design with their own national characteristics. view. The local environmental atmosphere and historical culture are part of the designer’s thinking, and at the same time, they should also be open and try to express our feelings, aesthetic awareness and cultural background in an international modern design language. Culture is based on economy. With the economic globalization, the impact of foreign cultures will become greater and greater, but this does not mean that we must abandon our culture to imitate Western design ideas. Contemporary advanced design ideas and concepts can truly improve the level of local industrial design and stand in the forest of world cultures.

Finally, designers can break away from the original level of creation, and use professional vision and level to organize, combine and perfect the knowledge and experience from abstract, fragmented, complex and unsystematic forms according to their own needs. application to create a product form that meets the needs. Industrial designers learn to respect individual individual needs, respect individual aesthetic experience and value, attach importance to the influence and power given to people by tradition, and use their own unique design perspective to be good at recognizing and excavating what ordinary people cannot find in ordinary affairs. Things, by expanding the design perspective, explore the deeper and more scientific and rational parts of the transaction.

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