With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for life, and they also have certain pursuits for medical tools and environments. In recent years, the level of medical care has been continuously improved, and the demand for medical devices is also getting higher and higher. According to the different needs of different patients, the requirements for medical devices are also changing. People pursue humanistic and warm medical devices. In the process of medical device innovation and development, it is still necessary to focus on people’s needs and solve problems in order to solve people’s living needs.

When designing innovative medical devices, what should be paid attention to? The first is the shape and shape of the medical device, and the external image determines the characteristics of the medical device and its use. Therefore, in terms of Industrial Design, on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the practicability of the external shape of the medical device, but also to maintain the uniqueness and innovation of the external image of the medical device, and on the other hand, it is convenient for people to use and carry.

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The design of medical device products is generally based on the convenience of people’s lives. Therefore, in terms of product appearance design, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics and uses of medical devices in order to better design the appearance of the product.
In the design of medical devices, it is necessary to fully consider the physiological and psychological factors of people in the process of using products, so that people can reduce the cold and face-to-face experience of medical device products when using medical device products. The industrial design of medical device products is inherently A very special design needs to be oriented towards medical staff and patients. Therefore, when designing, not only must innovation and rigor coexist, but also maintain awe and care for life. From the perspective of patients, patients will no longer face cold medical treatment. equipment, maintain a happy mood to defeat the disease.

The design of medical devices should meet people’s psychological and physiological needs on the basis of high-quality assurance, high-tech content and high-precision requirements. Industrial designers need to consider all aspects, but products with innovative designs can better solve the problems of patients, which is also an encouragement and support for industrial designers.

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