Mechanical designThe process of
The design process of machinery is a complex process, and the Product Design process varies for different types of products and different types of designs. The design process of mechanical products roughly includes five stages: planning design, scheme design, technical design, construction design and improvement design.
1. Planning and design

2. Solution design
The satisfaction of market demand is reflected by the product function. The realization of product function is the core of product design, and the principle scheme reflecting the same function can be various. Therefore, this stage is based on the functional analysis, through innovative ideas, optimization screening, to obtain a more ideal functional principle scheme. The good or bad of the product functional principle scheme determines the performance and cost of the product, and is related to the level and competitiveness of the product, which is the key of this design phase.

The solution design includes product function analysis, functional principle solution, solution synthesis and evaluation decision, and finally get the best functional principle solution.

Mechanical Design

3. Technical design
The task of technical design is to concretize the functional principles of the scheme, into a reasonable structure of the machine and its components. In this stage to complete the product parameters design (preliminary parameters, dimensions, materials, precision, etc.), the overall design (general layout, transmission system diagram, hydraulic system diagram, electrical system diagram, etc.), structural design, ergonomic design, environmental system design and modeling design, and finally get the total assembly sketch.
4. Construction design
The construction design includes splitting parts from the general assembly sketch, designing parts, drawing parts working diagram, parts assembly diagram; drawing general assembly diagram; preparing technical documents, such as design manual, standard parts and purchased parts list, spare parts and special tools list, etc.
5.Improvement design
Improvement design includes prototyping, testing, comprehensive evaluation and improvement, as well as process design, small batch production, marketing and final production. Test the prototype according to the requirements of the design task, find out the problems in the design, manufacture, assembly and operation of the product, and refine and analyze the problems. On this basis, we make a comprehensive evaluation of the program, the whole machine and components, and improve the problems and shortcomings.

6. Definitive design
Shape design is used for batch or mass production of machinery.

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