Although Industrial Design is a new industry in our country, its development in recent years has been quite rapid. Moreover, industrial design plays an important role in the development of our country’s economy and society. In other words, the rapid development of the industrial design industry in China will, to a large extent, promote the transition from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, promote industrial design companies to improve their own independent research and development capabilities, and to improve China’s industry in the international market. Competitiveness in the market.

With the advent of the information age, the current market competition is also very fierce. A variety of new products have emerged in the market, and people`s pursuit of lifestyles and life concepts is also changing, not only requiring products to be technically Satisfying people’s needs should also conform to people’s existing lifestyles and life concepts. The design concept of Shenzhen Shape Design Company refers to the extension of current life and the materialization of specific life concepts. The design concepts of science and technology and products complement each other and promote each other. The Product Design of Zunlian Industrial Design Company is not only the embodiment of technology, but also understands people’s changing lifestyles and life concepts, and continuously improves product design in order to create industrial design products.

Technology has brought convenience to people’s lives, and it has also brought many problems, such as environmental problems. Nowadays, people are more pursuing the harmonious coexistence between man and the natural environment. This also requires industrial designers to not only pay attention to the functional requirements of the product when designing products, but also consider whether the product expresses the emotions of users to users. Satisfying the emotional needs of users can make users feel at ease and comfortable. As the saying goes, “details determine success or failure.” Among the many types of similar products on the market, the one who pays attention to details wins. People are more inclined to choose products with exquisite industrial design and beautiful appearance.

The detailed design of the product is mainly embodied in two aspects: First, the external embodiment of the design refers to the intuitive understanding of the product itself, that is, the functional embodiment of the product. Second, the internal manifestation of design refers to the potential content of product extension, involving the manifestation of design psychology, human-machine relationship, environmental factors and other aspects. The purpose of industrial design is to create a more reasonable and healthier lifestyle for human beings. Therefore, the design concept based on details can better meet the deep-seated psychological needs of consumers for products. Industrial product design is a force that promotes cultural and economic development, and it complements the development of science and technology. The pursuit direction of the designer`s design concept of Shenzhen Shape Design Company has also changed from a single function to multiple functions. The change from single product design to overall system design also reflects industrial design products from the side. It is not just a product, but It has become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

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