Product Design is a process of constant innovation. Product design refers to the industrial designer through the combination of modern science and culture and art, the product appearance design, and the product shape, pattern and color combination, so that the product has a sense of beauty. Innovation in product design is ongoing. However, product innovation is not enough. It also requires a rich culture to support this innovation.Industrial Design

1. The emotional elements of the product design

Product design is customer-centric. Today’s designs not only satisfy the use of functions, but also tend to the emotional exchange between people and things. Designers combine different colors, textures and styling designs to enable the design to influence people’s hearing, vision and touch through the image meaning of sound and image, thereby generating associations and communicating with users. Touched and loved, the design allows users to feel the beauty of the artistic conception, evoke the true feelings, and achieve the purpose of design.

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2. Visual elements of product design

Color is a more direct visual element in product design, containing emotional factors and assuming the function of conveying important information to the user. It directly reflects the emotions expressed in product design in product design.

3. Cultural elements of the product design

The development and progress of design is also a microcosm of social and cultural development, with continuity and historical inheritance. Traditional cultural elements and modern cultural aesthetics have a subtle influence on design. The cultural element of design is also the culture of creation. It shows different styles and characteristics in the designer’s reconstruction and innovation, reflecting different values and aesthetic concepts.

Shenzhen product design companies should implement the spirit of innovation, design inspiration, design art, design emotion, unique creativity, unique appearance from different products, and feel the product design of different stories. Each excellent piece has its own unique design concept.

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