In many people who choose majors or need to know the industry always struggle: is Product DesignIndustrial Design?That xiaobian now for you to sort out, for you to answer this doubt.With the development of history, the development of design connotation also tends to be more extensive and in-depth, in the current industrial design and product design are inseparable, but what is the difference between industrial design and product design?
Generally speaking, when comparing two related things, the easiest way is to find the definitions between these things and compare them.When comparing differences between product design and industrial design, this is not easy.

Product design means different things for different people, different product designs, and the whole process of product design may be different.In essence, product design is all the work from the original idea of the product to the product of the customer.

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Industrial design can be a part of the product design.In fact, it can be its own product design.Industrial design refers to the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics and economics.When talking to people who are not involved in the technical field, you can exchange for industrial design and product design.In many ways, they are all the same.Both do the same work.In fact, product design can be said to be a subset of industrial design.Simply put, industrial design is a product design in a narrow sense.Because industrial design has always been based on product design since its inception, product design is often called industrial design.
The expression form of industrial design should be expressed by products, and then the generation of products is also to meet people’s physical and psychological needs.Make it more convenient or more beautiful.They keep all of our modern facilities fresh and make them more convenient over time.To put it bluntly, industrial design serves the modern people. It should meet the demands of the modern people.So it first needs to meet the needs of consumers.
Industrial design and product design in a sense is exactly the same, but it is more suitable for functional value, through industrial design and development, in the form of products in front of us, product design is the core of industrial design, is the key link of enterprise design, it implements the form of raw material change to more valuable form.

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