Mechanical Design The basic requirements

Mechanical Design The basic requirements
The basic requirements of mechanical design are: good performance, high efficiency and low cost under the premise of completing the specified functions; safe and reliable, easy operation, simple maintenance and beautiful shape during the specified period of use, etc. Generally, the following requirements should be met.
(1) use requirements

Use requirements is the primary requirement for mechanical products, refers to the mechanical products must meet the user’s requirements for the desired function, which is the most fundamental starting point for mechanical design.

Mechanical Design

(2) reliability and safety requirements
Mechanical products in the specified conditions of use, within the specified time, should have the ability to complete the specified function. Safety and reliability are the necessary conditions for mechanical products.
(3) Economic and social requirements
Economic requirements refers to the design of mechanical products in the design, manufacturing cycle is short, low cost; in the use of high efficiency, less energy consumption, high productivity, maintenance and management of the cost of less, etc.. In addition, mechanical products should be easy to operate, safe, with a pleasant appearance and color, in line with the requirements of national environmental protection and labor regulations.
(4) Other special requirements
Some mechanical products due to different working environments and requirements, the design of certain special requirements. For example, the air vehicle has a small mass, small flight resistance and large capacity requirements; mobile use of machinery (such as tower cranes, drilling machines, etc.) to facilitate installation, disassembly and transportation; machine tools have long-term maintenance of precision requirements; food, printing, textile, paper machinery, etc. should be kept clean and not pollute the product requirements.
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