1. Find an entry point from a social perspective

The same product will have different styles from different regions. For example, we often hear European, American and Asian styles. Due to different customs and habits, the design will also vary due to cultural differences. Because the Japanese traditional is kneeling, like Hitachi’s vertical air conditioner, the control panel will be relatively low, so as to facilitate the operation and meet the cultural needs of the Japanese.

2. Finding an entry point from the perspective of the enterprise

Some companies have specialized technology, some companies pay more attention to product marketing, and some companies have formed brands after years of precipitation. Different technologies need to be passed through the products; the best-selling products will gradually establish the brand; through the precipitation and accumulation of a certain brand, its brand image and characteristics will be in the minds of consumers; so the starting point of industrial Product Design can be from the following aspects: 1 .Technology, 2. Market, 3. Brand, or a combination of many aspects.

3. Finding an entry point from the perspective of people

From a human point of view, the breakthrough point is to cross national boundaries. Regardless of the region, Zunlian Industrial Design Co., Ltd. answers that designing from the actual needs of people will be more widely welcomed. Nowadays, people’s demand for products no longer stays on passive consumption. Consumers have certain decisions and ideas about what kind of products they want to buy. Every product design needs to find its entry point.

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