With the development of the economy, many companies nowadays will find a specialized Product Design company to design the appearance of the new product when they release new products. But do you know how the design process is like? Let us talk about it.


1. Design analysis
Through market research and data analysis, we can better understand the company’s own characteristics, study product-related functional requirements, user behavior, market competition, fashion trends, cultural customs, production costs and other information, and formulate a more throughout marketing strategy that fit best for our client’s firm.

2. Concept sketch
On the basis of research, analysis and summary, through the original product interactive simulation diagnosis, brainstorming discussion and other methods, the prototype of several creative concepts is formed, and the sketch solution and simple two-dimensional effect expression are used to find design solutions. After the plan is reached, it is necessary to conduct internal evaluation and discussion with the company to determine the direction.

3. Deepen the design
In the determined direction, further describe the product’s mechanism function, modeling color, material technology, surface treatment, user experience, man-machine interface and other details, and generate 3D simulation results and detailed demonstrations of multiple solutions, and submit changes to the company In-depth product design solutions for Shenzhen.

4. Design end
After the design plan is released, the Industrial Design company will also jointly evaluate with the company, select a design plan that meets the company’s development goals and market needs, and determine the Shenzhen product design plan through physical appearance model verification and interactive simulation verification.

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