The product shape design should not only meet the functional requirements of the product, but also meet the aesthetics of the times and people’s aesthetic and emotional needs. In order to make a good shape design, various factors need to be considered.

The product shape design must pay attention to ensure the function and use value of the product. Function, use value and design style must be unified and standardized. Only in this way can the consistency of the product be stronger. If the shape design, function and use value of the product are inconsistent and non-standard, problems will easily occur after the product is sold. If you do not know what the efficacy of the product is, you have no interest in scientific research and mastery, and it will endanger the Market.

Color and structural design are the key elements of product shape design. If you want to make the design style of the product appearance design more high-end and reflect the main features and advantages of the product, then in the product appearance design, the appearance color of the product should not be too gorgeous, but should match the overall structure, showing a more elegant and dignified appearance. Color tone, and effectively carry out the design of the structural level, so as to greatly improve the characteristics of the product and enhance the modern appearance of the product.

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In order to ensure that the Product Design presents a higher level of practical effect, a lot of professional skills must be invested in the analysis of the appearance raw materials. If material analysis can achieve more technical, more professional and more objective specifications, so that the overall function and layering of the product can achieve a stronger practical effect. Of course, the appearance of the product will be more prominent, and the design of the product that meets the standard is not only in appearance. , but in the grade sense of the raw material.
Product design requires a variety of materials. Different products require different materials. Choosing the right material is also a job to consider in the design. According to the characteristics of the material, it is delicate and delicate, and appropriate process treatment is carried out to reflect the texture of the product. For example, in terms of material, some people prefer stainless steel, so in the treatment of stainless steel, after anti-fingerprint treatment, people will have better tactile and visual effects; frosted or brushed stainless steel is more delicate and meaningful than mirrors.

Product design is not only to achieve a certain function, but also to make users like the product that carries the design. There are thousands of ways to express creativity in product shape design. The most important thing is to find the most suitable product, and the detail design may be the most inconspicuous but most likely to attract consumers.

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