Whenever the word “Industrial Design” is heard, most people associate it with machinery and parts. However, design actually appeared very early, even dating back to ancient times, but it was neither systematic nor unified at that time. When people realized the real industrial design, they found that it had been integrated into our design. In life, it is closely connected with the daily life of each of us.

What is Industrial Design? Industrial design is an interdisciplinary subject that combines artistic innovation and engineering disciplines. It is mainly to learn the basic theory and skills of industrial product art design and the engineering technology foundation of industrial product structure and functional design. Generally speaking, students majoring in industrial design need to It has a solid natural science foundation, as well as good humanities, arts and social sciences. Some basic knowledge areas involved in the industrial design major include industrial design engineering foundation, design performance foundation, design theory, modeling design foundation, engineering materials, ergonomics, design materials and processing, computer-aided design, market economy and business management. Through systematic study, its major students have the preliminary ability to research and develop new products, and have strong experimental skills, hands-on ability, and artistic appreciation and creativity. So, what exactly does industrial design do? To name a few!

Professional police robot design

industrial design

Take pencils with erasers, for example, we’ve grown accustomed to this product, but you know, long ago, pencils and erasers were completely separate. After the invention of the product in 1858, such a small change was a great success, both socially and economically. This product ingeniously combines two commonly used functions and becomes a hot selling highlight. The ease of use is self-evident.

Another example is the pencil sharpener that extends from the pencil, and the more convenient, clean and safe pencil sharpeners that follow are all products under industrial design. Through design, we can improve our daily habits and make life more convenient. This is probably It’s industrial design.

Innovation is not only the innovation of form, the combination of function and form, but also interprets industrial design from another aspect. Industrial design can open the difference between products, and its meaning is the lifeblood and essence of a brand. A truly successful product can have a great influence, point out a new strategic direction for the development of the enterprise, bring huge market and commercial profits, and create a famous brand effect.

Industrial design is not a pure artistic technique. Industrial design should achieve good shape on the basis of satisfying functions. In fact, industrial design is not as complicated as imagined, and most of the places it involves are related to our lives. Even seen everywhere in our lives, its pursuit is to design products that meet people’s physical and psychological needs. Industrial design can enhance the added value of products, which is the charm of industrial design.

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