Prototyping and Testing


Prototyping and testing is a crucial step in the product development process, which entails designing and creating representative product prototypes based on product requirements, testing and optimizing them to ensure that the final product functions and performance meet the expected requirements.Concept Design

Prototyping is usually divided into multiple phases, including conceptual design, preliminary design, and detailed design. Each stage of design needs to be carried out in conjunction with specific requirements and practical situations, resulting in a prototype that can be used for testing. The prototype can be an actual product model or a virtual model based on computer simulation.Industrial Design
Prototyping and Testing
The purpose of testing a prototype is to identify and resolve potential problems in order to evaluate and improve product performance and functionality. Testing prototypes can be performed in a variety of ways, such as laboratory testing, user testing, sample testing, etc.Mechanical Design

During the testing process, based on the actual test results, the prototype needs to be modified and optimized to some extent, and iterated until the final product meets the actual usage requirements. After the completion of prototype testing, preparatory work such as cost estimation and mass production planning is required to enter the production phase.
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