In recent years, the product structure design industry has become more and more popular, but everyone is not very familiar with product structure design. In fact, product structure design is mainly the design of the outer shell structure of the product. So how do designers carry out product structure design? The following is the basic process of product structure design:

1. New product project approval stage

According to the project design requirements proposed by the company or the customer, the development department, sales department, and quality control department participate in the project review meeting. To determine the feasibility of the project and the person in charge of project development, the person in charge of project development is responsible for the overall planning of the project, and also compiles the design task book, the new product cost budget table, and the design and development plan task book.

2. Design floor plan (effect drawing) stage

1. After determining the development project, the graphic design engineer will complete the graphic design renderings within one week.

2. The person in charge of the project convenes a meeting to review the renderings.

3. If problems are found during the review, promptly propose amendments and redo the renderings.

4. Make the review report.

Three, design structure diagram stage

1. At this stage, the structural engineer and the electronic engineer are jointly responsible.

2. The structural engineer uses PROE (or other software) to design the structure diagram according to the rendering When it arrives or cannot be released, it should be submitted in time to see if the appearance requirements can be changed. Ordinary structural drawings must be completed within 5 days, and complex structural drawings must be completed within 7 days.

Fourth, the prototype production stage

1. Provide 3D graphics files (STP format files) for the prototype department to make prototypes. The project engineer compiles the “product prototype production list” and submits it to the prototype department for approval by the supervisor review manager. Determine the completion time of the prototype (usually set as 4-5 days); if it is particularly difficult to do, it can be extended to 7 days.

2. After the parts are ready, the structural engineer, electronic engineer, and assistant engineer assemble the prototype together, and the structural engineer is mainly responsible for it. And record the problems found in the prototype assembly process, after installation, test the function of the product;

Five, mold making stage

Sixth, the project model stage

Seven, trial production stage

8. Production stage (mass production stage)

1. In order to ensure that the production line can make products according to product quality standards, the engineers of the development department must patrol and follow up during the production of the first two batches. If problems are found, they must be dealt with in time. Small problems must be resolved on the same day, and there must be a written treatment result, and big problems (such as a hardware part problem) must be resolved within a week and a written treatment result must be available.

2. All changes and production precautions should be issued “Engineering Decision Memorandum” (EDM). If the sales department has special requirements, they should be converted into engineering data and distributed to various departments according to the requirements (such as updating the bill of materials, drawings, etc.).

The above are the eight main process steps of product structure design. Therefore, we should usually express our admiration for the designer of product structure design.

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