With the rapid development of technology, smart products have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. After more and more people enjoy the convenience brought by smart products, they have gradually relied on smart products. In addition to functions, appearance of smart products is also one of the important considerations when people buy smart products.

Everyone has the heart to love beauty. Consumers prefer products with beautiful shapes. Therefore, in the case of products with the same or similar functions, products with exquisite shape, fashionable style and pleasing to the eye can gain the upper hand in the market. Especially in the current fiercely competitive market environment, the unique design of smart products can greatly enhance the market competitiveness of the product, and even determine the size of the market share, which in turn affects the survival of the enterprise, so the aesthetic Product Design is carried out. Consumers tend to give priority.

What is the meaning of “appearance”? “Appearance” is the external appearance of industrial products. Therefore, the appearance must be external, fixed, and visible to the naked eye. Those products with “inner beauty”, no matter how beautiful their internal design is, they cannot be called “external design”. Just like the internal sandwich design of various bags, the exterior is not visible, so you can`t apply for a design patent. The interface of the electronic game, the wallpaper of the mobile phone, and the screen on and off are also not part of the design because they are not fixed and can only be visible under certain circumstances. Those designs with “invisibility” functions, such as patterns that can only be seen under ultraviolet light, or patterns that can be seen only by applying a certain potion, are not design designs.

The carrier of the appearance design is an industrial product, and an industrial product refers to a product that can be repeated in industry and produced in batches. If the aesthetic design is not applied to industrial products, then it may belong to the “work” in the “Copyright Law”. Like root carving art works, each piece is unique and pleasing to the eye, but it cannot be produced in batches and is not an industrial product, so it does not belong to “design”. A picture painted on a flat carrier is a work of art in copyright; but if the picture is applied to bed sheets, curtains, and wallpaper, then it is an appearance design.

The appearance design should meet the functional requirements of the product, and fully reflect the material and spiritual functional requirements of fair use of functions, humaneness and environmental adaptability, and exquisite shape; at the same time, comprehensive consideration should be given to the realization of the prerequisites of the structure, materials, and craftsmanship of the shape. On the basis, design a good product with a sense of the times.

In today’s technology-developed society, smart products have become a necessity for living. Therefore, the design of smart products must have both appearance and function at the same time, so that the sales of such smart products can be considerable.

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