1. Cost control

Cost is the most core part of the product. The level of cost determines the company’s profit margin to a large extent. Cost control starts from the beginning of Product Design. Zunlian Industrial Design Company should do the following aspects in terms of cost when designing product structure.

1. When selecting materials, try to use low-priced materials on the premise of satisfying functions.

2. When modeling the product shape, try to reduce the number of parts under the premise of satisfying the appearance.

3. When designing the product structure, try to simplify the structure as much as possible to save mold costs. Choose a suitable fixing method to save production and assembly costs.

4. When product surface treatment, according to product positioning and appearance requirements, adopt appropriate surface treatment methods to save processing costs.

5. Use the company’s existing materials as much as possible, and unify material specifications as much as possible, such as screw models.

2. The rationality of the structure

Product structure design is not as complicated as possible. On the contrary, under the premise of satisfying product functions, the simpler the structure, the better. The simpler structure is easier in mold making, and the simpler structure is easier in production and assembly. The fewer problems.

Take an example to illustrate: In structural design, the commonly used fixing methods are screw fixing, buckle fixing, double-sided adhesive fixing, hot melt fixing, ultrasonic welding fixing, etc. How do you need these fixing methods? Generally speaking, screw fixing is the best Reliable and detachable, it should be preferred; the hook is convenient and simple to fix, but the fixing reliability is not high, it can be combined with screws; double-sided adhesive fixing, melting and fixing are used in specific places, and they are used when necessary.

When designing the product structure, no redundant structure is allowed. The redundant structure means wasting design time, increasing the difficulty of mold processing, and wasting materials. When designing the product structure, the required structure must be made, and the dispensable structure must not be made, so that every structure must be useful, including every buckle, every stiffener, etc.

3. Simplify the mold structure as much as possible

After the product design is completed, a mold is required to form it. When designing the product, it is necessary to ensure that the product can be manufactured through the mold. The product structure design is reliable and the mold cannot be realized or is difficult to realize is an unqualified structure. As a structural engineer, you must have a certain understanding of the mold, and understand the basic structure of the mold, the molding method of the product, and the way of ejecting the mold. Only in this way can the mold structure be simplified as much as possible in the product design.

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