Under the background of the current rapid development of science and technology, in the process of developing Industrial Design and Mechanical Design and manufacturing, only by organically combining the two can enterprises obtain more economic and social benefits and continuously improve their competitiveness.

The relationship between industrial design and mechanical equipment design
Affected by the current scale of industrial design enterprises in my country, many enterprises are interested in the integration of industrial design and mechanical design, but due to the influence of time and financial resources, design integration is often empty talk.

Therefore, in the process of realizing the integration of the two, the primary task is to give some convenience and support to small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote the gradual development of enterprises in the direction of green, environmental protection and industrial design skills, and to make the design of small and medium-sized enterprises develop in the direction of sustainability.

In terms of corresponding policies, certain policy optimizations are given to small and medium-sized enterprises, such as tax reduction and exemption, to help small and medium-sized enterprises solve the time and financial problems often encountered in the design process, so as to meet the material basis of small and medium-sized enterprises’ design, thereby helping small and medium-sized enterprises to form sustainable development. A good development strategy will gradually transform from the traditional mechanical design stage to the industrial design stage.

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