Product Design is the early stage of product composition. After the combination of industrial product designers choosing various design elements, the process of design and invention repeatedly studies the problems encountered and the process of perfect treatment.Finally, the designer goes through the detailed design of the article, and then expresses it by the method of the article.
Industrial product design is not only the appearance design and structural design, but also the bridge to open up to the hearts of customers.Visual elements, civilized elements, civilized elements and emotional elements are also considered.

Visual elements include the product appearance shape, appearance size, deployment of color, etc.During the period, the appearance shape design is also very important, the product is beautiful is the most important step to improve product sales.Making good use of color can also include the most direct and emotional visual elements, to make the product more vitality.

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In daily life, when we are shopping, the most attractive thing about the wide variety of products is the appearance of the products.The more novel and beautiful the appearance of the product, the more it can quickly provoke customers’ desire to buy.Emotional elements make the product more inclined to the emotional communication between people and things.Let the design is not limited to an object, can affect people’s hearing, vision, touch through sound, metaphor, appearance and image, and then association, to reach the spiritual communication and consensus.Let the user feel the beauty of the product design to give it its own artistic conception, trigger the true feelings of customers.
Civilization element is an expression of civilization, but also one of the best ways to highlight brand civilization. Excellent design can not only promote sales, but also make customers feel the common brand civilization when used.Product design means that civilized elements are unconsciously absorbing the hearts of customers to expand the popularity of enterprises and products, so as to remain invincible.
Industrial product design is a harmonious and beautiful system composed of technology, materials, technology and etc. It is the pursuit of perfect shape on the basis of satisfying the function.With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for industrial product design are also constantly improving, and they pay more attention to the details and quality of products.

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