Good Product Industrial Design has certain requirements for design. If a new product wants to be recognized by the society and to obtain economic benefits, it must be considered from the perspective of the market and users. This is the most basic requirement for Industrial Design. So, what are the aspects of good industrial design?

1. Excellent product features

The function of the product is the core content framework of the product. The product that can deal with the problem is the product, which can deal with the problem, can deal with the problem, can deal with the small problem, can protect the good product function, and can meet the needs of people’s life. Whether a product can be accepted by the market depends on whether it can provide people with a solution to the problem.


2. Safety of use.

When designing products, it is necessary to take favorable measures to prevent and protect various unsafe factors in the use process. Industrial design also considers the ergonomic performance of the product, which is easy to improve the conditions of use.

3. Beautiful appearance and good packaging.

Product Design should also consider the aesthetic issues related to the product, the relationship between the product shape, the use environment, and user characteristics. Where possible, products that users like should be designed to enhance the appreciation value of products.

4. The practicality of the product.

Product design is based on user needs, the purpose is to meet people’s needs and bring convenience to people’s lives. Therefore, the functional design of the product must be practical and meet certain needs of people.

Good product design does not only look at the above aspects. Enterprises also need to continuously design and develop new products, and also need to have distinctive design innovation concepts in order to maintain an unbeaten position in the market.

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