With the fierce market demand, the appearance design of products cannot be ignored. Excellent design companies have great benefits for the marketing and marketing of enterprise products. So, what are the important influencing factors of Product Design?

What are the important factors affecting product design?

1. Material appearance

The strengths and weaknesses of materials play a key role to better demonstrate the shape in the scheme design. Under the same appearance conditions, different materials produce different sensations, and produce different physiological sensations to customers’ visual, tactile and other sensory media. Using mismatched materials can easily create a weird or even low-end feel, and choosing the right material can often be the highlight of any design scheme, resulting in more extreme looks!

2. Surface texture effect

The surface texture effect of a product is a reflection of the processing performance of an industrial product, and it is a reflection of people’s experience of the physical and psychological state of the product, which will endanger the consumer’s first impression of the product. Therefore, when formulating a texture effect design plan for the product surface, the designers of Zunlian Industrial Design should consider the texture effect shape, color, rhythm, rhythm and other brand image information content of the design plan, which can give people a certain sense of happiness, and also That is to say, it can release the happiness of the mind!

What are the important factors affecting product design?

3. Color matching

Color is a very important element in product design, and it cannot be ignored even for the appearance of industrially produced products. Mastering color is an essential skill for designers to design solutions. The overall power of color is very contagious in the brand image of all products, and it is the visual experience that initially affects the customer. Appropriate color selection can better display the brand image and corporate image of the product, and excellent color matching can produce more comfortable sensory experience and stronger visual appeal for the product!

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