Professional Industrial Design companies generally have their own complete set of Product Design processes, which is also an effective guarantee for the completion of projects on time and with quality. Based on years of design experience, Zunlian Design introduces the entire process of product design in detail, so that everyone can have a better understanding of product design.

1: Understand the specific design needs of customers

First of all, before starting product design work, product design companies must have a deep understanding of customer needs, including which functions the customer wants to achieve (main functions), customer budget, product positioning, post-promotion mode, and market competitors. disadvantage.

Two: Do market research according to product positioning

Industrial product design concept: After the design team receives the design brief and clarifies the customer’s needs, it will conduct market research and dig deep into the pain points of consumers to ensure that the designed products are what consumers need. Conduct research and analysis and experience it yourself. Find the deficiencies of existing products, determine the regional market and use objects, use environment, product level positioning, product cost control, and comprehensive consideration and evaluation of the implementation of processing and manufacturing. The design team’s multi-faceted communication, trade-offs and balances, the product design ideas are systematically displayed.

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Three: draw product sketches
Through the above investigation, the product design company should have a certain understanding and idea of the product at this time, how to realize the idea? The product design idea is finalized, and the product designer should convert the idea into a sketch. Unconstrained and all-encompassing has become the source of material for product designers to draw sketches. It is a pleasure to work with ease, allowing product designers to draw sketches in one go, and design the appearance and internal structure functions of products. This also includes the color of the product, the shape of the product, the functions it carries, the parts used, and so on. A bunch of vivid works, customers are also convinced when they see it. At this stage, wonderful ideas are poured out to customers.

Four: Appearance Design + Structural Design

Product appearance design. Product designers use 3D software to carefully craft the sketches, assign colors, materials, craftsmanship, etc., focusing on processing feasibility and cost, the product blueprint is clear and prominent, and the epitome of the finished product is obvious.

Product structure design. The success or failure of product structure design determines the user experience. Good-looking and easy-to-use designs tend to be perfect. The importance of product structure engineers is self-evident. Structural engineers are the bridge connecting products to users. Product structural engineers with the ultimate experience need to take into account all aspects. The stacking of electronic components, mold costs, and production equipment cannot be crossed. Then, the ability and experience of the product structure design engineer should not be used in the slightest, and the structural design engineer with rich experience is more confident to do the structure well.

Five: Prototype verification

In addition, in order to avoid the trouble of mold production in the later stage. Three structural prototypes should be made before mass production. The purpose of each prototype inspection is different. Through the trial assembly of the prototype model, a complete product is produced in the form of 1:1. Find the inadequacies and inconsistencies in the product and improve them. This is the most critical step that determines whether the product is truly completed. From this, we can see the effect of the final production of the product. If there is no problem with the appearance and function of the prototype verification, then the enterprise can start the certification application and production.

Six: mold opening + mass production

Product mold manufacturing and mass production. From product design to the final link of productization, the choice of the mold factory is difficult and tangled. Because of the wide selection, it is difficult to make a decision. The mold factory needs the close cooperation of the structural engineer. Every time the mold is tested, it must go to the actual factory to supervise and deal with some difficult problems. At least two mold tests are required. For complex products, three mold tests are required. Every time is full of hardships and the ultimate user experience. All have to go through a thousand trials and tribulations. Finally, it can be mass-produced.

Product design is a process of conducting research and development management activities in a planned and organized manner according to the needs of users. Effectively and actively mobilize the creative thinking of designers, transform the understanding of the market and consumers into new products, and improve the usability of products to make products more valuable, lower production costs, and more attractive. The management of a series of design strategies and design activities for the maximum profit of the enterprise.

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