What are the main requirements of conceptual design


The conceptual design includes the following main requirements:

Functional requirements: i.e., what kind of functions the system has and what tasks it can accomplish.Concept Design
Technical requirements: that is, what technology the system uses to achieve these functions.Industrial Design
Economic requirements: that is, how much resources the system consumes to satisfy the functions.
Management requirements: i.e., how to organize and coordinate so that all parts both divide and cooperate to accomplish the system’s goals.Mechanical Design
Aesthetic requirements: i.e., whether the appearance of the system meets the aesthetic standards of the users.
Usability requirements: Whether the system is easy to use, operate and maintain.

Scalability requirements: Whether the system is easy to expand and upgrade to accommodate future changes in demand.

What are the main requirements of conceptual design

Security requirements: whether the system can provide a safe and reliable environment to protect the privacy and information security of users.
Reliability requirements: Whether the system can operate stably for a long time and recover quickly in case of failure.
Maintainability requirements: Whether the system is easy to maintain and update so that problems can be quickly resolved when they arise.
Humanization requirements: i.e. whether the system meets the user’s habits and needs in order to improve user satisfaction and usage experience.
These are the main aspects involved in conceptual design, and the degree of satisfaction of these requirements will directly affect the design quality and user experience of the system. Therefore, when conceptual design is carried out, these requirements need to be considered comprehensively and a corresponding design plan needs to be developed to ensure that the system’s functionality, performance, security and maintainability can meet the user’s needs.
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