Product Industrial Design has become an important industry in today’s society. To understand the product Industrial Design industry, you must first understand the entire design process. What is the specific process of industrial Product Design?

1. Clear design content

When we confirm the design cooperation with the client, we communicate with the client through our marketers and designers to understand the design content and goals that the industrial design should achieve. According to the original product or product function model provided by the customer, analyze the product’s functional realization principle and the variation range of the structure, and determine the product’s constraints and design priorities.

2. Product design research

Design research is an important step in the development of a designer’s design. This process enables industrial designers to understand how the product is selling, the stages of the product life cycle, the status of the product’s competitors, and how users and sellers perceive the product.

3. Communication Analysis

After reaching an agreement with the customer on the rough structure arrangement of the product, determine the rough structure arrangement of the product with the customer, and analyze the feasibility of technology, cost budget and commercial operation. Understand the basic concepts customers have about the product.

4. Conceptual product sketch

The work in the sketch stage will determine 70% of the product design cost and the effect of the product design. Such early design ideas often manifest as instant inspiration, lacking dimensional and geometric information. According to the designer’s idea, the design information can be recorded by sketching, drawing various forms or marks, and determining three or four directions, and then the designer can carry out in-depth design.

5. Complete the product plan rendering

Rendering confirms and transforms blurred design results in sketches. This process can be accomplished with computer-aided design software. Use this link to generate a product appearance plan. It can not only clearly show customers the size and approximate volume of the product, but also express the material and light and shadow relationship of the product.

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