When designing mechanical equipment, mechanical equipment designers not only need to consider structural problems, functional requirements, etc., but also need to combine cost, maintenance and humanized design. Therefore, Mechanical Design has basic requirements for mechanical equipment. Here Zunlian design introduction.

Mechanical equipment design generally needs to meet several requirements:

(1) Requirements for use. The use requirements are the primary requirements for mechanical products, which means that mechanical products must meet the user’s requirements for the required functions, which is the most fundamental starting point of mechanical design.

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(2) Reliability and safety requirements. Mechanical products should have the ability to complete the specified functions within the specified time under specified conditions of use. Safety and reliability is a prerequisite for mechanical products.

(3) Economic and social requirements. The economic requirements refer to the short cycle and low cost of the designed mechanical products in terms of design and manufacture; high efficiency in use, low energy consumption, high productivity, and low maintenance and management costs. In addition, mechanical products should be easy and safe to operate, have pleasant shapes and colors, and meet the requirements of national environmental protection and labor regulations.

(4) Other special requirements. Some mechanical products have some special requirements for design due to different working environments and requirements. For example, there are requirements for low mass, low flight resistance and large carrying capacity for aviation aircraft; mobile machinery (such as tower cranes, drilling rigs, etc.) should be easy to install, disassemble and transport; there are long-term accuracy requirements for machine tools; Food, printing, textile, paper-making machinery, etc. shall be kept clean and shall not pollute the products.

In the process of mechanical equipment design, sufficient design research, market analysis and strategic evaluation should be carried out to gain an in-depth insight into the customer’s target users, competitors, brand characteristics and key market opportunities, taking into account the requirements of product functions, styling, human-machine and other aspects , endow the product with unique brand characteristics, formulate a reasonable design plan, and design mechanical equipment that is both simple and beautiful, and safe and easy to operate, which can meet the needs and emotional needs of users.

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