The development of electronic Product Design in the past two years has been far more extensive than before. At present, it is the time for the rise of the electronic product industry, so today I will share with you the general steps of product design.

Electronic Design

Step 1: Project Approval

When deciding whether a product can be developed, it depends on society’s demand for it or future market prospects. After many discussions, the product positioning was established and research and development began.

Step 2: Analytical Discussion

Depending on what you want to achieve, discuss step-by-step to see if there are bottlenecks or unachievable areas to change the R&D path.

Step 3: Electronic Control Design

Circuit control is the brain of electronics, so this part is especially important. This part usually takes the most time and effort. The next step can only be performed when the control circuit is formed.

Step 4: Sample Making

Once the circuit design is complete, the peripherals can be built. Often, many samples need to be made and gradually transformed.

Step 5: Sample Testing

Test whether the product can achieve its intended purpose, and conduct an aging test. At times, vigorous testing is required to determine its stability and reliability.

Step 6: Mass Production

At present, many OEM companies have to send the designed products to many OEM factories for production quotation, and consider the price factor when choosing the best product.

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