What are the visual elements? If you are new to Product Design, then you must come and read this article. Visual elements are mainly divided into three categories.

1. The visual elements of product design in the design include form, size, color, etc.

2. Form is an important aspect of shaping the image of a product, and it is the most direct and important information carrier for communicating with consumers.

3. Color is the most direct and emotional visual element in product design, and it carries the function of delivering important information to users. It directly embodies the emotional story expressed in product design in product design. From the designer’s design expression to the audience’s use psychology, it can produce rich and unified design emotion-assisted product design, which can make the product more vital.

We can find that visual elements are the most direct, rapid and popular way of conveying design information. This form of design is the instinctive response of human beings to receiving external information.

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