As Industrial Design increases the value of products more and more, many factories and enterprises have industrial design needs, but failed industrial designs cannot bring economic benefits. What details will make industrial design more successful?

Industrial Product Design is a systematic design, not only should pay attention to the appearance of the product, but also pay attention to the structure, material, function, applicable environment and other aspects of the product. User experience and enterprise cost-effectiveness, it is necessary to consider all aspects of the details!

1. Human-computer interaction details

Human-computer interaction design can directly affect the user’s experience. With the continuous changes in product functions and technologies, the old-fashioned control methods and control panels are no longer suitable for users’ needs. Touch screen, voice control, APP remote control, etc. Intelligent control is what users want. Excellent human-computer interaction design that handles various details can not only bring a good experience to users, improve the reputation of the product, but also improve the grade of the product, especially the appearance design of mechanical equipment should pay more attention to this detail!

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2. Space utilization details

The level of space utilization is an important factor in determining product utilization. Small and lightweight products are often more favored by users than similar large-scale products with the same attributes, especially products that occupy a large space, which can be reduced in size or recycled and folded, so that It can better solve the troubles of consumers. Therefore, at present, integrated design, folding recycling design, structural division design, etc. are very popular among consumers. It is a clever design to improve space utilization!

3. Focus on hidden needs

Although the most important thing for consumers to buy a product is to obtain its functions, in the case of market homogeneity, products that can meet more needs of consumers have more advantages. For example, consumers of electrical products have concerns about product safety, mechanical Products want to have a variety of different needs such as simpler and more convenient product operation and higher production efficiency. Only by understanding the potential hidden needs of consumers, and then designing them in a targeted manner, can it be easier to seize the market!

In the future industrial design, only by paying more attention to the detailed design of the product can we bring high-quality products. Industrial design came into being with the emergence of the industrial revolution. The significance of industrialization is to improve production efficiency with batched industrial processes, so that the original high-priced Products have also become more affordable, improving people’s quality of life.

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