As a dedicated Industrial Design company, Zunlian Industrial Design devotes itself to creating new product designs for customers that they can be proud of. In recent years, the term “craftsmanship spirit” has been popular in the industry. Ask yourself, as designers and craftsmanship, have we achieved it?

This spirit has been diluted in the trend of mechanized production. People feel that mass-produced industrial products are too cold and can satisfy functions but have no love and no inherited value. This allows industrial design to participate in the production process. Let the traditional craftsman spirit be injected into modern products through the hands of ingenuity.

Although industrial designers cannot personally visit the entire production process of the product, the original concept of the product was born from the hands of the designer. This is the motivation for us to cherish our work and strive to be responsible. In order to allow customers or leaders to be eye-catching, industrial designers often deliberate on a small detail of the plan, and if they indulge “Mr. Almost” a little bit, we will discount our confidence, let alone. Convince others. The job of an industrial designer is to carefully compare dozens of similar pantone colors for each part, and try different chamfer radii for each edge. We industrial designers don`t have the magical power to make perfect products all at once. They just can`t sit back and watch the slightest disharmony and are always polishing it. This is the so-called [artisan spirit” that seems to be magical but not work. “.

Our emphasis on product quality and product temperature has led more people to slow down their impetuous pace, study and polish. There is still a long way to go before the craftsmanship of industrial design can be successfully implemented in our lives, but it is not far away.

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