As an Industrial Design Company, do you have the same question? If you are someone creative , if you have an excellent product idea and wish the product to land, if you want to design a product, if you want to find a reliable long-term design Partner, or if you want to be a good industrial designer, then you should know about us, maybe you can find the answer you want.


1. Are Shenzhen Industrial Design Companies reliable?
whether if it is reliable cannot be generalized. There are nearly 10,000 industrial design companies in Shenzhen with similar design capabilities, and there are great differences in scale, design team, product cases, reputation, honors, etc., but in general, those industries with great experience, strength, and reputation are able to provide excellent service and design quality.

2. How to choose a good industrial design company
This depends on design requirements. For example, if you want to design a rugged handheld network terminal, you need to find an industrial design company that specializes in rugged design and has rich case experience. If you want to design a medical device, you need to find a design company with medical device design experience and related success stories. Then, look for a few more companies to compare their prices, and then their design capabilities, cases, services, prices, delivery cycle, etc., and choose the best.

3. What’s the cost for design in Industrial Design Company ?
If compared with industrial design companies in second and third tier cities, the cost for Shenzhen design firm are generally higher, mainly due to rent, employee salaries, operating costs and other differences. However, Shenzhen Industrial Design Company also has its own unique advantages: concentrate amount of talented designer, industrial supplychain advantage, policy support, high-quality and efficient design form.

4. What is the design process of Industrial Design Company?
The Product Design process is divided into pre-consulting, market research, strategy research, competition analysis, design positioning, sketching, brainstorming, product design, structural design, rendering, prototype production, verification and debugging, and injection mould production.

5. What services does Industrial Design Company provide?
The range of services is very wide, including one-stop product development services such as product strategy research, product design, product structure design, prototype production, prototype debugging, etc. In addition, large design companies can also provide brand design, space design, and graphic design services.

6. How long is the design cycle?

Appearance design usually takes 3 to 7 working days to propose, and appearance along with structure takes around 15 to 30 working days. The specific delivery cycle needs to be evaluated and combined according to the requirements of the design.

7. What is the salary of Industrial Design Company?
In general, Shenzhen Industrial Design Company’s salary in China is relatively high, with a spacious office environment, humanized management, better salary and benefits, and a relatively good training program.

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