What is Concept Design?
I would like to introduce the definition of concept design to you.
Conceptual design: is a series of orderly, organized and targeted design activities from the analysis of user needs to the generation of conceptual products, which is expressed as a continuous evolutionary process from coarse to precise, from vague to clear, from abstract to concrete. As with other definitions, the wording is complex and difficult, and most people can’t understand it the first time, but this is for the rigor of the definition, so let’s understand. We have encountered a problem, then do a solution to this problem out, the program may be a sentence, maybe do an app, maybe design a panel. In short, you make something to solve the problem on the line. This is the concept design.

What is concept design?

It is characterized by
1. the dominance of creativity
2. Broadness of the topic
3. Extension of time
4. Diversity of expression

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