By identifying user problems and coming up with innovative solutions, Product Design is the process of creating a usable product that satisfies customers’ needs. The design attributes of an existing product are also referred to by this name as the outcome of this procedure. Design thinking, a strategy for finding original solutions to challenges, is the foundation of product design.

The three qualities listed below can be used to define product design:

Research, prototyping, testing, and other duties are all part of the intricate process of product design.

Product design is human-centered (as are all good things), but it also takes the demands of the business and the state of the market into greater consideration.
Product design is an endless process (or almost so). You cannot claim that the process is well-defined. Everyone adheres to the framework they believe to be the most appropriate and effective, but the process may involve a surprising number of iterations that are essential for comprehending the issue and identifying the most effective solution.

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