According to statistics, the GDP of China’s manufacturing industry is 2.58 times that of the United States, and its share in the world has reached 35%. This shows how important the manufacturing industry is in China’s economic development. With the development and changes of the economic market, the focus of manufacturing has shifted from the middle and upper reaches to the middle and lower reaches, and from industrial manufacturing to consumer manufacturing. In the fierce competition in the consumer manufacturing market, the innovation level of Industrial Design often determines the market competitiveness of its products.

Due to historical development, Western development has entered the post-industrial era, and the aesthetics of industrial design tends to be retro and interesting, and they tend to pursue structural and aesthetic designs. However, China is still in the middle and late stages of industrialization, and more intelligent manufacturing is needed to promote industrialization. Therefore, industrial design tends to be more practical, and it will consider whether the designed products can bring convenience and improve benefits in real life. Promote the development of manufacturing.

Industrial design is based on market research. Only by fully understanding the needs can we design products that are welcome in the market. For the end user of industrial design, that is, the consumer, the impulse to buy often depends on whether the product has the ability to solve actual production and life problems. For industrial design manufacturers, whether a product should be put into production depends on whether the product can produce economic benefits and whether it can be mass-produced.

In summary, industrial design not only requires technological innovation, but also must follow the actual situation of industrial development in order to design products that people really need. It not only satisfies consumers’ pursuit of product practicability and interest, but also satisfies manufacturers’ pursuit of mass production and economic efficiency. This is the industrial design we really need.

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