With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for the quality of life are gradually increasing, and more and more small household appliances have lightened the labor burden for our lives and changed our living habits. It saves us time and provides better service. Let’s take a look at what needs to be considered in the design of small household appliances? Zillion design briefly introduces.

1. Consider the function, purpose and manufacturing process of small household appliances.

2. Considering the shape design of small household appliances, it is best to be both practical and beautiful, and then deal with the details in the appearance design of small household appliances to make them more convenient to use.

3. Consider the safety of use. When designing products, favorable measures must be taken to prevent and protect various unsafe factors during use. The reliability of household appliances should also be considered. Reliability refers to the probability that a product will work properly for a specified period of time and under specified conditions of use. Reliability is about safety. The reliability and durability of the structural design of household appliances should also be fully considered.

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4. Consider health. As health issues are more and more concerned by consumers, consumers will also regard “health” as one of the deciding factors when choosing small home appliances. The healthy process is constantly advancing. Although consumers’ demand for healthy home appliances continues to increase, the performance of different products in different markets is also different. For example, small kitchen appliances are a popular category, and the concept of “healthy living” has been incorporated into the design of various products.

5. Considering energy saving. As a global concern, energy saving is undoubtedly the mainstream trend in the design of small household appliances in the future. Compared with large appliances, small appliances are easier to be ignored in terms of energy saving, but they are more worthy of attention. Today, although small appliances with automatic power-off functions are emerging in an endless stream, consumers have not shown much interest in them. With the birth of the concept of green environmental protection, the energy saving of small household appliances will surely become one of the focuses of consumers.

In addition to the above points, the design of small household appliances should also consider the ergonomic performance of the product, which is convenient to improve the conditions of use. For household appliances (such as household appliances, etc.), ease of use is very important; beautiful appearance and good packaging. At the same time, Product Design should also consider factors such as product-related aesthetic issues, product styling and usage environment, and user characteristics. Life is not only about chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, but also a refined attitude towards life. The design of small household appliances brings more interest to our lives.

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