New folding and retractable all-in-one fan product design



New folding and retractable all-in-one fan single product sales exceeded 5 billion

Client: Siemens
Year: 2019
Our Role: Product highlights planning | product appearance design | structural design | whole case design | design for manufacture |  Hot-selling product design

Innovation insight

Market insight

Designed to solve the difficulty of traditional floor fan storage.

At the same time, through wireless battery life, let users enjoy the natural wind anytime and anywhere; A variety of forms to meet the various needs of users.

Innovation value

The new folding and retractable integrated fan integrates the traditional fan with the ground support, and uses the shaking head design of about 120 degrees to increase the air supply area and optimize the air flow direction, and the wireless remote infrared remote control life of 48 hours. Everyone can choose the right demeanor by remote control for a comfortable and unique experience.


Design strategy

Product strategy

Through a large number of man-machine testing and scene simulation, after balancing product appearance, function, experience and other aspects, targeted innovation is carried out.

User experience

Breaking the inherent impression and use of traditional fans, as a folding floor fan, the size after folding is only 252x140mm, the weight is also about 1.5kg,

and it also breaks through the limitations of home appliances and becomes a part of the home environment.



1. Break the inherent impression and use mode of the floor fan, adopt a two-section telescopic rod and 120° adjustment Angle to adapt to more people and use scenarios.

2. Equipped with integrated wind control and timing functions of the wireless remote control, the operation experience is easier.

3. Adopt innovative night light and fan blade detachable cleaning mode to bring users more convenient operation experience

Design achievement

Top 10 sales of the whole network in 2020 Double 11, Single product sales reached 500 million +

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