Backup Power Supply Device industrial design

Backup Power Supply Device industrial design Industrial Design | Mechanical Design| Electronnic Design |Mechanical Design|Prototype and Test What is industrial design? Industrial design refers to



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Backup Power Supply Device Industrial Design

Industrial Design | Mechanical Design| Electronnic Design |Mechanical Design|Prototype and Test

What is industrial design? Industrial design refers to the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics and economics.


In simple terms, industrial design is people’s creativity in industry, using their imagination to create and design useful and convenient items for people’s lives.

Industrial design is a purposeful creative activity to develop industry and production. Develop your own economy and grow your own structure and strength.


For example, the decoration of our home, woodcuts, etc. are all industrial designs. It can be said that everything in our life belongs to industrial design. These designs can improve our quality of life and office efficiency. In industrial design, the change of every item is our requirement for the quality of life, which makes us gradually move towards a high-quality life.


Since industrial design entered China, enterprises have paid more and more attention to Product Design, and regard product design as the core development strategy of the enterprise. With the rise and prosperity of industrial design, enterprises also glow with more vitality

When it comes to enterprises, Zunlian’s product design, although not the world’s top designers, has the clearest product positioning and user experience.

Zunlian is also facing this trend. Based on the concept of being an expert in the design of popular products that are considerate to customers, Zunlian has fought against the wind and waves in the field of product design and has won many honors.



Zunlian’s goal has always been to be a customer’s explosive design expert, and the original intention has not changed.

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Making a product is not just talking about it. Now I will take you to experience the service of Zunlian

1. Innovative Appearance Design

1. Early brainstorming

2.More than 10 sketches, creative presentation of internal review output
3. 3D modeling

4. Ergonomic analysis
5. Feasibility analysis of production and processing
7. Final renderings

8. The CMF project analyzes the details of the product design in series with the overall series analysis of the design color, material and process
to meet the high standard requirements of cost, material and production process

62. Creative agency and structural design

1. Review of product renderings

2. New hardware stacking arrangement

3. Mold cost budget assessment

4. Innovative structural design

5. Interference check CAE analysis
6. PCBA board frame electronic components height limit output
7. Structural prototype verification, structural feasibility analysis to reduce mold opening risk
8. BOM material list customization
9. Submit 3D mold files

640 (1)3. Customized design of circuit scheme

1. Circuit schematic design
2. Pre-design simulation of the circuit based on circuit functions
3. Circuit function simulation, including power consumption, current, voltage, temperature
4. Simulation of parameters such as swing, input and output characteristics
5. Layout design (LAYOUT)
6. Simulation after drawing the layout according to the designed circuit
7. Simulate the drawn layout and compare it with the previous simulation. If the requirements are not met, the layout needs to be modified or redesigned.
8. Subsequent processing
9. Generate the layout file The GDSII file is handed over to FOUNDRY for tapeout

74. Supply chain supports product landing

1. We have established a large number of different supplier resource bases, software and hardware design SMT hardware plastic silicone mold factory, etc.

2. Basically cover all kinds of suppliers involved in the production process and establish a complete supplier evaluation system

3. Evaluate partner manufacturers every six months

4. Comprehensive evaluation is also carried out after each project cooperation

5. Make sure to provide customers with the most suitable and high-quality suppliers but ensure the smooth landing of products

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